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Advertencia para el puntero láser y la pistola láser

  • Visitas:1030     Publicado por Esperanza - 03.11 2020

  • The laser pointer is a device that emits a laser beam by being stimulated, and its intensity is reflected in the output power. If the laser radiation power is too high, it will cause photochemical and thermal damage to the human body, especially for children who are still in the developmental stage. If the eyes and skin are exposed to laser radiation, that may cause serious consequences. Internationally, laser products are divided into the following grades: class 1, class 2, class 3a, class 3b, and class 4. Each type of laser has marking requirements.

    The "laser pointer" is usually used in reporting, teaching, and tour guides. The user uses it to project a light spot or a light to point to an object. From the point of view of its function, it does not belong to the category of toys. It is necessary to choose regular channels to purchase laser pointers and children's laser guns. Please stop buying products without laser radiation category information, brand models, or warning instructions.

    advertencia puntero láser

    Scientific research has proved that laser pointers are prone to heat effects, which can harm eyes and skin. If the laser energy is strong enough, it will cause permanent damage without causing blinking reflections (usually less than 1 second). Therefore, minors who are not yet fully developed, they should stay away from the laser pointer to avoid injury.

    When consumers choose laser pointers for teaching or office use, they should carefully check the laser specifications of the product. It is best to choose products with a laser radiation category of 3R and below (laser power is not greater than 5mW). For non-professional users, please do not buy class 4 high-power laser pointers.  

    It is not advisable to buy laser pointers for children to use as toy guns. We should inform children about the hazards of laser radiation and prohibit buying high-power laser pointers from vendors around schools, shops, and the Internet. For laser pointers for presentations should be placed out of the reach of children.

    When consumers buy children's toy guns, they can check the outer packaging, try the product, or consult the sales staff to confirm whether the toy has a laser. Consumers are advised not to buy toys with laser-shooting function or laser aiming function for children. If you have purchased related products, you should carefully check whether the laser radiation category is class 1.

    When using the laser pointer, you should operate it correctly and avoid laser irradiating the eyes, skin, and clothing of the human body. For power exceeding 500mW, we should wear safety goggles.

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